indy east promise zone

Promise Zone Goal: Affordable Housing and Redevelopment

Live Indy East: We promise to create an economically diverse community by promoting housing redevelopment that embraces existing and new residents. We aim to accomplish this by recapturing vacant housing and developing new and affordable options.


Decrease transiency rate/resident turnover by addressing barriers to decent, safe, & affordable housing of existing renters/homeowners. Deferred maintenance, vacant/blighted properties, & problem rentals undermine community vitality and stability.


Increase homeownership, density, and home values and lower vacancy rate by creating diverse housing opportunities for new neighbors. A high percentage of vacant/blighted residential properties compel new housing and infill development opportunities.


Increase the population density and level of specialty housing by developing multi- family housing options for families and individuals across the economic spectrum. This will in turn fuel other economic development.