Small business loans up to $10,000

Our goal is to provide small business owners with the tools and resources they need to grow their businesses. We’re proud to work with the First Financial Bank to provide loans to small, minority, and at-risk businesses within the City of Indianapolis area. This lending initiative was created to support economic growth and development within the City of Indianapolis.

Program Details
• The loan amount is limited to a maximum of $10,000
per borrower1
• Funds will carry a fixed interest rate
• Repayment period is up to 48 months with no penalty for
early repayment
• Borrower has six (6) months from the loan approval date
to draw the funds
• Borrowers are allowed one microloan at a time

How to Apply
• Applicants must complete an application (available through
Martindale Brightwood Community Development Corporation)
• Start-up business applicants are recommended to provide
a business plan which includes an explanation of how
funds will be used and a description of business operations,
but are not required

Apply For A Microloan

Contact Joi Harmon (317) 924-8024 or [email protected].

Ready to Apply?