Real Estate & Community Development

One of our strategic goals is to strengthen and expand the housing stock in Martindale-Brightwood while leveraging partnerships that advance and sustain economic opportunities for Martindale-Brightwood residents.

Comprehensive Development

MBCDC’s Rural Street Comprehensive Development Project

MBCDC’s Rural Street Comprehensive Development Project is a part of the Martindale Brightwood Education Zone (MBEZ) and Housing Village priority.

Goal: To ensure the increase and preservation of affordable housing in the area, our plans include building new affordable housing units on vacant lots, expanding an existing community garden to include a learning pocket park, and providing significant repairs and upgrades to the current housing stock on the block. 

Focus: The project is focused on rebuilding without displacement of current residents so that families can reside in safe and quality affordable housing while engaging in community building activities with new neighbors. There is a need for a maintenance and sustainability plan to be put in place, not just a few bandages.

Current Initiatives:

  • New Construction of Townhomes for Homeownership
  •  Heritage Community Garden and Pocket Park
  • Homeowner Repairs
  • Community Empowerment Workshops (This initiative includes empowerment focused community workshops offered by HealthNet, Inc., and other MBCDC partners on a variety of economic, health, and wellness topics)
  • Ralston Street Redevelopment – Updates Coming Soon!

New Construction of Townhomes for Homeownership

Garden Townhomes at Rural Street

This is the first housing development in MBCDC’s Comprehensive Development Plan for the 2400 block of North Rural Street.

Project Details: 

  • The Rural Street Development project includes the design, construction, and completion of three(3) new, quality, affordable townhomes on North Rural Street.
  • The homes will consist of  3-bedroom units with a unit square foot size of approximately 1,600 SF.
  • The site which consists of 2411, 2415, and 2427 North Rural Street is approximately 0.1 acres.
  • The units will be affordable to individuals earning up to 80% Area Median Income (AMI). 
  • MBCDC is leading this development with an affordable and environmentally friendly product that will be constructed to the highest standards. Shift Development Group is serving as MBCDCs development partner in this project primarily in an advisory capacity.

    Rural Street Townhomes will achieve the following objectives: 

    • Building new affordable housing units on vacant lots 
    • Ensure housing choices that respect, support, and sustain a vibrant Martindale-Brightwood neighborhood
    • Introduce new housing options that serves unmet demands
    • Improve the marketability of all housing in Martindale-Brightwood
    • Encourage housing in areas of development momentum and supporting future developments of scale

    Development Goal:

    • Collaborate with Martindale Brightwood Community Development Corporation, City of Indianapolis, INHP, and Lift Indy to increase homeownership in the Martindale-Brightwood area
    • Provide new, affordable, quality housing options for current and future residents.
    • Work to provide MBE/WBE subcontractors. 
    • Make Martindale-Brightwood a viable workforce housing option for the families that send their children to school in the community.

    Development Team:

    • Project Manager: Martindale Brightwood Community Development Corporation
    • Architect: Meticulous Architect + Design
    • Developer/Builder: Shift Development Group
    • General Contractor: THA Construction
    • Market Analysis: MMA, Inc.

    Construction Schedule

    • Ground will be broken in Spring 2022
    • Construction is anticipated to take 10 months, with completion in 2023.

    Planned Projects for 2023

    New Construction of Rental Housing – Rural Street Transitional Housing development

    Project Details:

    • MBCDC plans to develop eight Transitional Housing units for homeless and other youth (18-25 years old) transitioning into employment. 
    • The development will be a two-story building with four units on ground level and four units on the upper level. 
    • The units will be a studio type unit with a bathroom, kitchenette area, and sleeping area. 
    • MBCDC will provide supportive services and connections to the community-based supports young adults need in order to keep their housing and avoid returning to homelessness.

    Target Population:

    • Young adults who have a primary nighttime residence that is a public or private place not designed for, or ordinarily used as, a regular sleeping accommodation for human beings. 
    • Youths who are living in cars, parks, public spaces, abandoned buildings, substandard housing, bus or train stations, or similar settings. 
    • Pregnant female youths that fall in the above category, and youth who have been abandoned or forced out of their home by parents or other caretakers.

    The Need

    • The 2020 point-in-time count shows an increase in chronic homelessness, with 54% being African American despite the fact that African Americans only make up 28% of the Marion County population.

    Ralston Street Redevelopment – Updates Coming Soon!

    JumpStart Martindale Brightwood Program coming in October 2022!

    JumpStart MB is an inside-out approach to community development.

    It is a way to invest in local talent from within the community, improve community assets, and build generational wealth.

    The program is free to Martindale Brightwood residents who want to invest in themselves as well as individuals who want to invest back into the Martindale Brightwood community.  It is designed to remove barriers and encourage transformative opportunities through development that sustains and attracts real economic diversity in our communities and leaves a multi-generational impact through increasing ownership opportunities and wealth creation.

    Applications will be available in August 2022.